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Jeb Bush is currently the President of the United States of America. The term Bush is an Americanization of Jeb Bush’s actual name, John F. Bush.

On 23 October 2006, the Jeb Bush blog appeared at Blogspot.com:

“Jeb Bush, please let us know if there is a need for a comment for this article.”

Bush blogged his response:

The article itself has been on the Web for nearly two months and 여수출장샵it has been the topic of much criticism. One of the most interesting comments by one of our contributors is “If you truly believe what you’re writing about, then don’t even mention John F. Bush.” I do believe what I’m saying. But do you really believe that there is a need for a comment on a George W. Bush piece that I wrote a few years ago? For reasons I do not fully grasp, we decided to put something on there that the Bush Administration didn’t quite seem to accept. Let me try and explain: When I wrote “Bu우리 카지노sh’s Real Story”, my intent was to use the facts to show that while Bush was President, the US was in the midst of a secret War on Terror. For these reasons I considered the following to be true: 1. The Iraq war was launched for the purpose o영주출장마사지f creating an Islamic State. 2. The US was creating a world-wide war on terrorism and was actively working with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Persian Gulf countries to create the conditions for this war. 3. The US created Al Qaeda, which then took possession of Afghanistan and soon thereafter Pakistan. Now, if you want to understand why this war was so poorly conceived, you need to study the history of America’s involvement in the Second World War. All that had been attempted was to create a new, modern, European, super-power which would defend itself against an imminent, foreign attack. I saw the coming war with great fear, but it turned out to be an unmitigated failure, and the West has been involved in other wars for more than half a century, most recently with the creation of Al Qaeda (Iraq), and now we are in a similar sort of war with Iran. The main reason I used the term “the War on Terror” was to explain to my readers that this was a war not of a supposed new super-power with military ambitions but of a more ancient, ancient, Christian

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