Man charged over firearms incident in Victoria

Man charged over firearms incident in Victoria

Man charged over firearms incident in Victoria; death toll rises to four


Police in western Victoria are searching for the father of a woman whose body was found in a car near an industrial park where she worked.

A man has been charged with two counts of murder after the body of 23-year-old Katie White, from Rockhampton, was found on the outskirts of Tuggeranong on Saturday.

She died in hospital.

Her mother had said Katie had been in a dispute with another woman over money.

Investigators are also seeking the information of friends and colleagues from Rockhampton and Melbourne, who may have known Ms White, but did not know of her fatal condition.

Deputy Police Commissioner Alan Sneddon says she was a mother of two and also a former volunteer fire fighter, but there was no known criminal record.

“Katie was working as a full-time volunteer firefighter and she had her own home out here and she was doing what she loved,” he said.

“It’s a r강남안마eally sad day for her friends, her family, family members and everyone involved in helping us to make it to this.”

The investigation is ongoing but police are working with friends and neighbours to determine what triggered her death.

Police say Ms White was in the field when she fell ill and went to a nearby hospital with several head lice.

A field cleaner found her body and when emergency services arrived, a field medic noticed there was a body inside.

Ms White’s mother says she remains in a bad way, her lungs and liver are deteriorating and she still has not recovered the life-saving treatment she had.

“The last day was awful. Everything was really grim and you could tell it was awful for her,” she said.

“I can’t really fathom that the woman did that to her own kids and she didn’t just kill her kids, she was involved with three of them.

“I hope the coroner knows what happened and does this by his own standards that she shouldn’t be out there do광주출장샵 광주출장안마ing this job anymore than she should be out in the street doing anything else.”

Kangaroo Commission chair화천안마 Nicky Langton says it is disappointing that Ms White had no family, it is a shock to lose a partner, a friend and a mother.

“What we all need to do is keep the people here close to us and help each other and support each other as we do,

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